Friday Favorites: The Inaugural Edition!

This is my first ever Friday Favorites post! This week was full of good food and happy surprises, so I figured I’d jump on the Friday Favorites train and use it as a tool to share all of the awesomeness with you all. Here are my favorite things from the past week!

PicMonkey Collage2

1. This amazing doggy care package that Bud and Lex received from B’s mom. You never realize how essential poop bags are until you’re grabbing handfuls from the free station in the park and hoarding them for later. Bud and Lex also loved the treats and the adorable card addressed to them. They may be the most spoiled dogs of all time. This was the cutest and most useful care package ever! If you’re reading this B’s mom, thank you so much again!

2. This slow cooked beef brisket with caramelized onions that I made on Monday. I started it Monday evening and cooked it for 10 hours overnight. I actually woke up at 2am and the whole house smelled like brisket! It tasted amazing, and we’ll be eating leftovers until next week, but next time I might make it in the daytime so my sleep isn’t disturbed by the smell of meat.

3. Homemade iced espresso with cream! This isn’t particularly exciting, but I just started making my coffee at home and I am so stoked to be saving so much money on my daily coffee consumption. $2.50 per day times 30 days is $75 per month!!! That’s just a stupid amount to be spending on coffee, and my iced espresso tastes so much better (even though it comes from an instant powder, no way could I afford an actual espresso machine).

4. Evernote! How did I just start using Evernote now? I am a total novice and I’m sure there are a thousand awesome features that I haven’t discovered yet, but I used it for meal planning this week, making a new note for each recipe and then making a master shopping list, then easily pulling everything up on my phone while I was grocery shopping or cooking! It was so convenient and helpful, I’ll be using it for food planning every week now.

5. These extra super crazy spicy buffalo wings I made last night! This was my first time making wings at home, and they came out unbelievably delicious and crunchy and SPICY. First I baked the wings in a 450° oven for 45 minutes, turning halfway through, and then I broiled them on low at the end for a few minutes to get that nice crispy skin. Then I tossed the wings in a whole bottle Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce mixed with a bit of butter. They literally made the entire bottom half of my face numb for a few minutes, but they were still so flavorful and juicy underneath the spice. No need to order takeout wings ever again!

6. Bud and Lex (especially at bath time which they actually love). These two will always be on my Friday Favorites, since they’re my favorite things in the whole world. Maybe next week’s collage will just be pictures of their beautiful faces.

And that’s that for this week! Hope you all have a lovely and relaxing weekend!


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  1. Yes I am reading your blog and you are all welcome. Two things though. I would love to get the brisket recipe from you, if it is here I couldn’t find it and what are Evernotes? Is that an app for your phone? I’m sure Brian has told you I have amazing technology skills but he may have exaggerated, go figure.


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