Stitch Fix Review #2: September 2014

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere…


You can almost feel the increased potential from last month… Literally, this box was about twice as heavy.

As I’m sure you, my 3 loyal readers, obviously remember, my first Stitch Fix last month was pretty bad. It was partly my fault, since I put down that I was a size Medium in tops and everything ended up pretty baggy. But I also felt like my stylist didn’t listen to the specifics of what I needed; I put down that I needed tops for work and she sent some pretty generic work clothes, without paying attention to the part where I said that I’m in a very casual workplace and don’t need traditional work-wear. This month was much better, and there was only one piece that I thought was really off. I asked for more casual work-wear and also some comfy weekend pieces, and that’s what I got!


The pile!

I’m still asking for dark green, dark burgundy, etc. and not seeing it, but I did get my dark blues.


The lovely note. Does anyone even read these when I put them up here? I’m going to keep doing it anyways..

The style cards. Already skeptical of the Dovette Draped Detail Dress, but we’ll get to that later.

Maila 3/4 Sleeve Button Drawstring Dress


My not amused face.

This dress was cute in theory, but buttons like this do not work for larger-busted ladies like myself. They were gaping all over the place, which is not a cute look even if you do have some sort of camisole underneath (which I hate doing under dresses anyways. Dresses are supposed to be easy!) The colors were also pretty drab, and there was elastic at the waist along with the drawstring tie, which was too tight.


My fancy model pose to show the elastic waist.

I was hopeful about this dress, but it just did not work on. However I have to say that the material was lovely, soft but also thick and not cheap feeling, and it had a lining from the waist down (that I think should have been continued into the top as well). Verdict: Returned!

Adelene Scoop Neck Cable Knit Sweater & Adina Stone and Chain Fringe Pendant Necklace


Trying to be excited about this sweater.

Let’s start off with the necklace. Surprisingly, I really liked it! It’s not like anything else I own, can be worn over sweaters for a classed up casual look or over anything really. This was surprising to me, because I had seen it in other reviews and not loved it, but in person I really liked it a lot! Just goes to show that with Stitch Fix you need to really give every piece a chance. Verdict: Kept!

Now on to the sweater. I didn’t fall in love when I first put it on. I thought it looked pretty frumpy and the oatmeal color kind of washed me out. But B really loved it, and wanted me to give it more of a chance. Sadly, as I was examining it in the mirror, I found this:


Loose stitching on the sleeve! No way Jose am I keeping it now. (I was actually kind of sad, as I was starting to warm up to the soft material and slouchy look of it.) Verdict: Returned.

Dovette Draped Detail Dress


I tried to do my best fake Miss America smile to pretend like I loved this dress, since that’s what the weird front sash reminded me of. Just…so unflattering. Also the material was really thin and clung to my body in all the wrong places. I knew this dress was going to be bad when I saw it on the styling card; I’ve seen it in other reviews and it doesn’t seem to be flattering on anyone. Why do they keep sending this out?! Verdict: Returned!!!

Drifter Graphic Floral Faux Leather Trim Blouse

Saved the best for last. 🙂


Can you tell from the picture how much I LOVE this blouse? It’s everything I could ever hope for in a Stitch Fix find: something I would never pick out in the store, a unique floral pattern, an interesting material, cool faux leather detailing. This blouse makes me feel awesome. I wore it on a date with B Saturday night, and I’m wearing it right now while I type this at work.

Here, have another picture of me in this awesome blouse.

Here, have another picture of me in this awesome blouse.

THIS is it Stitch Fix. Finally, we’re getting somewhere. Verdict: KEPT!!

And that’s my second Stitch Fix! I already scheduled my third and asked for the same stylist. Hopefully they’ll keep going on this upward trend. And now in conclusion, have another picture of me wearing my new favorite blouse on my date with B.


In my head: I wonder if I can just wear this blouse to sleep tonight…

Also, please use my referral link if you want to sign up for Stitch Fix!



  1. Bummer! Sorry your box didn’t work out. I just got my first one last month and 3/5 were a good fit and I kept. I love seeing other people’s pictures and blogs about their fixes, though!


    1. Actually this would be what I would consider a successful box! Last box was so bad that this was way better in comparison. And that’s why I started posting my reviews! I love looking at other people’s blogs and finding ideas for things to request to my stylist. 🙂


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